Second Grade – Moving with Math

The second grade students began writing code by attempting to solve three different challenges.

Challenge 1 – Get two race cars to go across the start/finish line.

Challenge 2 – Get the animals to the barn by using the “start on tap” command.

Challenge 3 – Document how two characters with different programs move across the grid.

Kindergarten – Matching Game

Our kindergarten classes used their knowledge of programming to create a matching game.  Students collaborated with a partner and chose three animals for the project.  They had to draw the letters using the paint feature and then write a program that would move each animal to the correct letter.  The results were AMAZING!

Kindergarten – Coding in Scratch Jr.

After the kindergarten students were introduced to the program Scratch Jr., they created a program using multiple characters that interacted with each other.  Using the toy room setting, the baby had to bump into the ball, the ball had to move, and the character “Tac” had to jump up and down.  Each student works with a partner during the activity.

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