First Grade – Animating “The Three Little Pigs”

Now that our first graders understand how to give commands and code in Scratch Jr., they were assigned the task of making the story of “The Three Little Pigs” come to life.  The students used the engineering design process to pick one part of the story to animate.  I was amazed by the products and teamwork of such young learners!

Fifth Grade – Intro to Robots

As our fifth grade students prepare to use the VEXIQ kits, they started by researching robots.  After using Google Classroom to complete a KWL, students used the Robot app, websites, and books to choose a robot to research.  They used Google Slides to create a presentation about their robot and then were able to go around the room and view each groups’ finished product.


Fourth Grade – The Body’s Computer

Our fourth grade classes have started their new unit “Input/Output Human Brian”.  They began activity 1 by learning about the nervous system.  Using Google Slides, the students read short passages and responded with the main idea and short answers.  When the research portion was complete, they made a model of the human brain using different colors of clay to represent the different parts.  They also labeled each part with the name and it’s function.

Third Grade – Coding with Hopscotch

Our third grade students complete their computer science unit with a free app called Hopscotch.  The students worked collaboratively with their group or partner to write a program so that their character could draw a square.  They were then asked to use a repeat block, or loop, to draw the same square using fewer pieces of code.  Finally, the students wrote an event to make that same character draw a square.  It took a lot of patience, debugging, and more patience!  Students are getting a real life feel for what is like to be a computer scientist!


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