4th Grade – Reaction Test

Our fourth grade students spent several classes designing their own reaction test for patients with concussions.  They used their knowledge from the previous coding lessons to design their very own game.  It took a lot of trial and error, as well as debugging to create the game.  It was a great real world connection to the type of work done by the creators of our favorite video games!

First Grade – Rosie’s Runtime

Our first grade students are beginning their computer science unit by playing the game Rosie’s Runtime.  The objective is to get Rosie through the game board obstacles, the puddles, and she also had to pick up her bones.  The students worked as a team to put coding cards in order and then acted out the game.

Second Grade – Preventing a Landslide

Each group in second grade was able to use the engineering design process to save the city!  Once again we used our land models and created a city at the bottom of a hill.  Students then decided where to place trees and rocks, in hopes that when they poured water down the hill, the houses would be spared.  Each group had different results, so be sure to ask your child what happened in their experiment!

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